Over ons

Intreanet was founded by Rik Theunis in 1998. By the end of 1999 his house was packed with servers and other equipment so the move was made to a brand new location in Velsen-Noord. Having enough office space and a server room, Silvain van der Wal joined the company in 2000. Since then Intreanet focused on building websites and desktop applications using Microsoft technologies. Although the internet world has changed many times, we have never regretted that choice. Especially Microsoft .Net has given us the tools and platform to build great software on time.

Besides the programming for .Net, Intreanet has always had links to the scientific publishing world. LateX and SGML are still familiar technologies. Extending to XML was just a natural thing to do. Nowadays XML is everywhere. In 2006, all of this resulted in the StinhuePublishers.Net platform.

In 2006 the brand StinhueSoftware was introduced. All programming (web and desktop) resides under StinhueSoftware while all hosting activities go under the name of Intreanet Service Provider. This division anticipates further growth and creates a clearer picture for our customers.