Als in-house hosting provider verzorgt de Intreanet-tak

  • domeinnaamregistratie en dns,
  • website- en applicatiehosting,
  • ftp-hosting,
  • en email.

Daarnaast richten wij ons als Service Provider op professionals zoals reclamebureaus, ontwerpstudio's, communicatieadviseurs en freelance webdesigners en -ontwikkelaars, die behoefte hebben aan betere service, meer mogelijkheden en grotere flexibiliteit.

Intreanet has its own servers and its own leased-line connected to the internet. This means we do not depend on third parties and are completely in control of the quality of the services we provide.

Web Hosting

Intreanet hosts ASP.NET on Windows 2003/2008 Servers. All websites are monitored by an advanced statistics server and come standard with frontpage, ftp and visual studio access.

Microsoft® ASP.NET is a server-side Web technology that makes it easier than ever to create dynamic, data-driven Web pages, applications, and Web services. ASP.NET is simply the most advanced Web-development platform available, delivering new levels of developer productivity, performance, and deployment. ASP.NET Web hosting services enable the full power of ASP.NET in an environment designed for reliability, scalability, and security, allowing you to focus on hard core application development and leave the system administration hassles behind.

Email Services

E-mail is still the most pervasive and important internet application today. With e-mail, employees can communicate with each other, as well as with their partners, suppliers and customers. If your organization has mobile users such as travelling salespeople, or if you just have more users than computers, then Web Messaging is the ideal solution for providing robust e-mail access without client configuration headaches.

Our windows based e-mail servers support the latest standards (SMTP, POP3, IMAPv4 and LDAP). In plain english this means you can use the latest e-mail clients (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora) to send and receive your e-mail. In most cases Intreanet will administer the e-mail server but for large users it is possible (on request) to administer their own range of e-mail addresses remotely.

FTP Service

FTP is used to store your files online and share with clients or suppliers. Access to specific FTP-folders can be controlled by username and password. The FTP hosting service is fully customized to your needs so we don't offer standard FTP packages and/or pricing. If you would like more information please contact us.